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  1. Deer Licenses Slightly Down in WI, Female Hunters May Be Up

    So far, so good, after two days of hunting...

    No reports of hunting accidents

  2. One Of The Shortest Shipping Seasons On The Mississippi Ends Early

    This shipping season on the Mississippi may go in the books as one of the

  3. La Crosse Driver Faces Homicide Charge In BRF, 1 Month After Crash

    One month after a deadly accident on I-94 near Osseo, a La Crosse driver has

  4. Thanksgiving Gas Price Below $3 For First Time Since 2010

    It's not a dream...Thanksgiving is next week, and gas in La Crosse is under

  5. District Donations Handed Out This Morning

    The cold weather and upcoming holidays have got people in the La Crosse Area

  6. Get Ready, Get Set, Hunt!

    The Wisconsin DNR is reminding folks that first time gun deer license buyers

  7. Farmers Will Try To Get That Corn Out
    Wisconsin farmers are still scrambling to get into their fields and harvest
  8. Judge Retires Today

    For a few weeks, La Crosse County will be back down to four circuit judges.

  9. Zero Ovedose Deaths IN 2014

    The heroin scare seems to have diminished in La Crosse County.

  10. Copeland Park Improvements Passes First Hurdle

    The La Crosse Park Board Thursday night agreed to significant ballpark