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  1. $1000 Fine Suggested For Damaging Ticket Gates In Lax Ramps

    It happened again last night...

    Somebody wrecked one of the ticket gates at

  2. Cops Look For Man Wanted In Child Assault Case

    18 year old Caleb Rave of Black River Falls is wanted by police in a child

  3. Lehrke Ready For Elections....Takes A Deep Breath

    Wisconsin's on again, off again voter ID law has been put on hold for the

  4. Man Hit By Truck Hailed As A Hero

    As UW-L's Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Bob Hetzel recovers

  5. Congressional Candidate Says President Overshares on ISIS Tactics
    The president has clearly tipped his hand when it comes to ISIS in the
  6. Scenic Bluffs Preparing for Second Outreach Effort

    Another kick at the can to help people sign up for health insurance on the

  7. Burke Back In La Crosse

    Mary Burke gets a little momentum, late in the race for governor.

  8. Candidates In The 96th Debate

    The future of Badgercare will be on ballots around Wisconsin this election

  9. Are You Ready For Flu Time?
    State health leaders say the flu season is off to a strong start in Wisconsin.
  10. Substance Abuse Program Comes To UW-L
    About 20 percent of full-time college students meet the medical criteria for