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  1. Avian Bird Flu......Egg Prices Rising With Hen Deaths?


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    No chicken or turkey is

  2. 39th Habitat Home To Open It's Doors Saturday

    Pretty fulfilling day tomorrow for the scores of volunteers who have worked

  3. Onalaska Starts Tree Planting

    For the 15th year in a row, the Arbor Day Foundation recognized the City of

  4. Build With Wood.......Let's Make A Deal
    Waivers to fire codes are under consideration for new developments in La
  5. Bird Deaths Getting Scary. Food Supply Too!

    As the numbers of poultry farms affected by the latest bird flu outbreak

  6. DARE Offers More Then You Think

    It's not just marijuana, cocaine, and heroin use that get the attention of

  7. Who Should Really Pay For Derailments?

    By now you've probably heard all the hub bub surrounding cities and states

  8. Davids Talks Transportation Bill

    A new Small Cities Transportation Aid program proposed by the

  9. Body Found In Sparta Woods

    A couple of kids walking near the Walmart store in Sparta Tuesday night stumbled upon something in the woods. A dead body.

    Sparta police say the body was found in a thick brushy area on top of a hill. Due to the terrain and location, the Sparta Area Fire Department was called to help recover the body. Police say the body appeared to be a man in his twenties who has been dead for a long period of time. Because of the lengthy exposure to the elements, police could not identify the man at the scene.

    The body was transported to the University Hospital in Madison for an autopsy. More details on the body could be released later today.

  10. This Tick Virus Is Nasty

    Doctors say a rare disease called the Powassan virus is related to the West