NFL DRAFT: Packers should take ...

... Johnny Manziel?


The NFL draft: football’s biggest tease.

It’s one big waiting game followed by another.

First we wait for each and every pick. Every where we go, someone asks you, 'Where did Johnny Manziel go?"

After each pick, we power through whatever highlights ESPN conjures up from that Division II offensive tackle that was selected.

And, once the draft is complete, we play that three-month waiting game to see whether or not the guys drafted even pan out. Or maybe it’s eight months. Or a year. Or four years as was the case with Aaron Rodgers.

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NBA, Round 2 - Getting your groove back


Six games into the second round of the playoffs and it’s a little baffling what’s happening.

Every game but one has been a blowout. The first round set records for seven-game series and had overtimes galore, so you’d expect the teams that prevailed to be battling to the wire in the second round.

Instead, there’s been five blowouts.

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Kaminsky not good enough for the NBA


I don’t second-guess his decision to return for his senior year.

But part of the reason why Frank Kaminsky said he was returning to the University of Wisconsin is comical.

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NBA Playoffs Round 2 - There's always one chucker


Here’s what happened today at noonball (or, pickup basketball played at noon for those who have no idea).

First, we have a pretty steady group of guys who all know each other. We’ve been playing together for years.

Today, however, a new kid showed up. He was tall. Looked like he’d be OK at basketball. First possession, he takes a contested 12-footer and makes it. Hmmm.

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