Clemson win was 17th by ACC over Power 5 nonconference.
    No other league won more than 11 such games.

    Hadn't been a case of CWD in state since 2010.

    Guard was suspended indeinitely - which lasted a game - for his third tripping incident.

    Lead changed three times in fourth quarter.

    Mornings with Dave and Skradie will preview game from
    5-7 p.m. tonight from JT's Longshots in West Salem

    Monday, 09 January 2017 02:40

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    DNR did multi-year review and took public comment before changing date.

    Mannings' Giants have ended Favre's GB career and the 15-1 Rodgers' team at Lambeau.

    Warner, Tomlinson, Davis, Dawkins among 15 HOF finalists

    Decision to fire over sexual assault
    drew criticism from players former coach Kill