Son nominated mom with a letter
    she called "so clever" and "a beautiful thing."

    Kevin is identical twin brother of Tennessee Titan DL Karl Klug

    In his first year as head coach, Schmidt was also running the defense

    Mayweather wants $100M for himself, will talk PPV split

    Bronson Koenig and Badgers on ESPN2 tonight


    Clemson win was 17th by ACC over Power 5 nonconference.
    No other league won more than 11 such games.

    Hadn't been a case of CWD in state since 2010.

    Guard was suspended indeinitely - which lasted a game - for his third tripping incident.

    Lead changed three times in fourth quarter.

    Mornings with Dave and Skradie will preview game from
    5-7 p.m. tonight from JT's Longshots in West Salem