Brewers honor Uecker with worst seat in house



He’s been calling games for the Milwaukee Brewers since 1971.

He’s a Hall of Fame announcer.

And the Brewers are honoring him today with the worst seat in the house.

Milwaukee will unveil a Bob Uecker statue in the last row of the upper deck behind home plate at Miller Park … an obstructed view seat at that, as there’s a steel beam in the way of the field.

Uecker had this to say about the statue: "When I first heard about the project, I turned it down. I was under the impression that they wanted me to work from up there."

Fans can take their picture with the statue for a fee, which goes to charity.

Uecker did have one stipulation, “I don't want anybody on my lap facing me.  That would be kind of bad," he told AM 620 WTMJ.

Here’s the ad behind the statue.

Here's a great article on Uecker from the Star Tribune.

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