Is it time to retire Favre's No. 4?

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This time, the Green Bay Packers are talking to Brett Favre.

No, it’s not about the job opening as Aaron Rodgers’ backup. It’s about finally putting the No. 4 jersey to rest for good – making Favre the sixth player to have his number retired by the Packers.

This may not be a popular move, since not many have forgiven him for … whatever he did or didn’t do. I really didn’t understand then who was in the wrong and certainly don’t now. Nor do I care.

According to Favre’s agent James Cook, No. 4 and Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy have been talking about it, though he had no idea when it would actually happen.

“I imagine he'll get together with the team and figure out what to do," Cook told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “They talk a lot to Brett. He talks to them. I think Murphy has talked to him a couple of times.” 

OK, yeah, we got it, they talk … a lot.

So, sometime in the near or distant future, Favre’s jersey will be retired. Now that I think about it, this is something we already know. 

There are, however, some interesting facts that surround retiring another Green Bay Packers number – aside from a lot of people still hating Favre and thinking it should never happen.

Favre would be added to a list that includes wide receiver/defensive back Don Hutson (No. 14), running back Tony Canadeo (3), quarterback Bart Starr (15), linebacker Ray Nitschke (66) and defensive end Reggie White (92).

All five are on display on the wall in the North end zone of Lambeau Field. 

But that list is missing a couple numbers, not including No. 4. It’s missing Curly Lambeau’s No. 1 – though naming the field after him may be enough – and Paul Hornung’s No. 5.

What’s odd about those two numbers, despite them being semi-retired, the Packers assigned both numbers to rookie wide receivers, during last year's training camp.

Alex Gillett wore the No. 1 jersey, as he is listed on his Y! Sports profile, and Omarius Hines wore Hornung’s No. 5.

Hornung’s number was unofficially retired in 1967, but it’s never been recognized, and Hines isn’t the only one that wore the number.

In 1987, rookie quarterback Don Majkowski wore No. 5, before switching to No. 7.

Here’s an article about the situation surrounding Hornung’s number being retired.

There’s less confusion why Lambeau’s number isn’t retired. He only wore No. 1 two seasons (1925-26) and then went on to wear 14, 42 and 20. He played from 1919-29 and coached from 1921-49 winning six championships for the Packers.

Regardelss, should Favre's number be retired when neither No. 1 or No. 5 are missing from the North endzone?