Do You Know Where They Rank?

Every now and then I like to dabble in the "where are they at" rankings with local race drivers at the La Crosse Speedway.

I'm not  sure how many people know this, but out of the five divisions that race at La Crosse, three of them are ranked within the NASCAR realms - NASCAR Late Models, Sportsmen and Thunderstocks.

They are not just driving to win a track championship, they are also going for national and state titles, some of which have been accomplished by La Crosse drivers. Here's the breakdown as of June 9. 

We have had several winners in the past years and a couple close calls. So, next time you hit the track, think of what it would be like to have a state and national champ running below on the asphalt.

Look below, #66, #82 and #32. Would be pretty cool to have more from our backyard, huh? 

NASCAR Whelen All American Series
National Top 500
Division I
(La Crosse Top 5)

#50 Steve Carlson (2007 National Winner)

#94 J. Herbst

#119 Todd Korish 

#160 Cole Howland 

#171 Brent Kirchner 

NASCAR Late Model
Wisconsin State Points
(La Crosse Top 5)

#1 Steve Carlson (2007 Winner)

#2 J. Herbst (2011 Winner)

#3 Todd Korish (2012 winner)

#4 Cole Howland

#5 Brent Kirchner

Division II
Sportsmen National Top 100
(La Crosse Top 5)

#35 Jake Arneson

#45 Greg Sheck

#51 Billy Martin

#55 Steve Bachman

#69 Jerrod Loging

Division III
Thunderstocks Top 100
(La Crosse Top 5)

#31 Jordan Meyers

#40 Adam Moore

#50 Andy Moore

#87 Jason Bolster