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Nationals Fans are disgusting

Who would have thought that Washington Nationals fans were so disgusting.  Just think this dude has a job and works somewhere. 


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Cashton's Jesse Felten gets in a squabble

Had Cashton's Jesse Felten on the Sports Exchange this week talking about his hockey "fight".  You can see the video .


You can hear his interview on the Sports Exchange here.

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So They Didn't Win......

This year was great for the Badger basketball team.  You didn't need me to tell you that.  If you listen to the Sports Exchange from 5-6 on WKTY, you already know that I am anything but a Wisconsin homer.  A Notre Dame homer?  Yes, a Columbus Blue Jacket homer?  Yes.  But I have never been a Wisconsin homer........but this year was different.  The Badger basketball team has never really "done it" for me, not sure if it is because I have always bought into the theory of it being boring basketball or what.  5 guys walking down the court and passing the ball for 30 seconds then shooting with time running out on the shot clock just has never been appealing to me.  It is obviously effective, but so boring to watch.  The Badgers have in my eyes always been behind in basketball because of their fear of offense.

Going into the season, I didn't expect anything different, seemed like a typical Badger basketball team.  Then the first game happened, they put up 83 on St. John's it was impressive, but not really a reason to believe this team was "different" or "special".  The second game of the season they played ranked Florida, they were down BIG early, but still found a way to come back and win the game.  They just kept on rolling all the way into the new year, when you start a new year and you still haven't lost a single game, it is time to pay attention.  Not only were they winning basketball games, but they were exciting to watch.  They still played defense, but for some reason, Bo Ryan must have decided that it might be fun to play some offense too.  Obviously as the season went on there were a few disappointing losses along the way, and the hopes of winning the Big Ten were gone, but still there was excitement going into the tournament.

When Wisconsin gets to the tournament no matter what seed they are, the feeling always is that there is going to be some school that we have barely heard of before, that has 1 star just dominate and end the badgers season.  We knew it was going to happen, we were used to it by now.  The strange thing this year was, that never happened, round after round, weekend after weekend, the Badgers stayed alive.  And then Saturday night happened, I don't know where you were or your experience watching the game, but I know I was at a local watering hole and hanging out with a bunch of my good friends.  The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, Saturday nights game was on the same level for me as waking up at 6:30 in the morning to watch the Americans play the Russians in hockey, it was special, it was different.  Obviously the outcome of the game was not what anyone wanted, but that line about "it isn't about the goal at the end as much as it is about the journey".......I know that is supposed to be used for the "life lessons" you learn as an athlete or coach.  But on a spring Saturday night in a town about 2 hours away from Madison in a bar filled with a sea of red, I have a hard time believing that anyone will forget "the journey" that this team allowed us to go on with them!  They should be proud of themselves, I know on Saturday night at every bar in this state it was packed with fans that were proud of them..............including me!

The Thrill of Victory, and the Agony of Defeat

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for local sports.  There is something about the phrase "tournament time" that just makes everything ten times more exciting.  The winter sports tournaments have been great this year, they have had everything that you would hope would happen in a sports playoff, there has been dominating performances by athletes that were just better than anyone in the state, there have also been gutty performances of the underdog knocking off the "better" team.  Not sure to me what scenario is more exciting to watch, but it is safe to say that these tournaments have had something for everyone.

It started with wrestling.  All season long as far as the MVC goes there was 2 big names in wrestling, Ben Thornton from Central and Hunter Hauser from Holmen, and they both got the job done.  The beauty of wrestling is that it is looked at as both a team and an individual sport.  On the team side one athlete's strength can make up for the weakness of another one, but when it comes to the individual side it is just you and your competitor, there is no "star athlete" that can bail you out if you happen to make a mistake, you have nobody to count on or to rely on except yourself.  If you fail it is because of you and if you win it is because of you.  There were many wrestlers this season that made a name for themselves that we will be watching for years to come.

The hockey championships happened this last weekend for both the boys and girls.  We had a lot of good teams around the area, but when it came to going to Madison there was 2 teams from 1 school, it was Onalaska.  Getting to the state championship game for both schools was very similar, all hope looked to be gone going into the 3rd period of both games.  For the girls, they had a superstar Theresa Knutson, she is the kind of player that other teams had to scheme against, that is what happens when you are named Ms. Hockey.  They were down 3-0 and ended up tying the game and winning it in overtime, the boys were also down 3-0 going into the 3rd period they too tied the game, but they ended up getting the winning goal in regulation.  Both teams went on to play for the state championship back to back the next afternoon, and in the end both came up on the short end.  Both of them had excellent seasons and played 2 of the most exciting games of the season in Madison.

Boy's basketball didn't take a back seat to anything though.  Going into the season my thoughts and feelings were that after losing 2 big time division 1 players I didn't think that there would be a way to generate the excitement we had when those players played against each other.  I was very wrong.  Going into the season the team that was looked at as the best team was Holmen, they were cruising along until one night at home Central beat them by a point, they played again during the regular season and Holmen had little problems with Central.  Thankfully they played a 3rd time, this time it was in the playoffs, it took 2 overtimes to get a winner and when the game was over it was Central that had come out on top.  The next game Central played a very good Rice Lake team, they were in control of the game but let it slip, ended up going into overtime when they finally lost.  It was a much more exciting basketball season than I thought was possible, and a great showing by the local boys basketball teams.

In girl's basketball all season long there was one team that was above all the others, Onalaska was ranked 3rd in the state and hadn't lost a single game.  Again in the playoffs it was a familiar opponent, they played against a Central team that they had already beaten twice, but not this time, Central was down by 2 with time running out, they hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer and ended up ending Onalaska's dream season, and making a dream season of their own.  The playoffs are still going on and Central is still alive.  They are our only MVC team left, and are doing a great job representing the region.

In the end it doesn't matter what level the competition when the phrase "tournament time" is used, and there might not be another game there is something special about it.

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