Another Baseball Season

Even though the weather doesn't feel like it we are just DAYS away from the start of another baseball season.  If you are a Twins fan, you know the feeling of coming off of a 96 loss season.  Last season was not one to be optimistic about at all, going into this season for me the only hope is that Mauer stays behind the plate this season and that Justin Morneau can stay healthy.  That is a very good 1-2 punch in a lineup and they need to keep those guys on the diamond as much as possible.  Speaking of Diamond the kind of season the Twins have could rely on their pitching staff and how well Scott Diamond pitches, if he can stay healthy that is.  Playing in a division that includes the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox does not give you a whole lot of room for error, and this Twins roster at the beginning of the season seems like there is plenty of error.

If you follow the Milwaukee Brewers they are coming off a season where they looked by the end of the season they could possibly make a playoff run only to come up short in the end.  The started last season with the Ryan Braun controversy and him winning his appeal of a 50 game suspension, they had signed Aramis Ramirez and had high hopes for Mat Gamel to fill in for the loss of Prince Fielder, add that with Zack Grienke in the starting rotation and John Axford bringing his closing streak to the table and it seemed like the Brewers would be alright.  For the most part they were, but they still came up short.

Going into this season Axford's streak is long gone, Grienke is playing anywhere that will pay him the most.  Gamel is still hurt, and Ramirez didn't come close to living up to expectations.  The only thing that did stick around is the controversy surrounding Ryan Braun.  They are not being as "loud" about it this time but there are new stories about 3-5 times a week about the possibility of Braun being suspended after they found his name on a list.  You add that with the unknown of the young pitching staff and there are plenty of reasons for doubt about this season.

With all of the negative I just said let me leave you with this.  It may or may not be a run for the World Series for the Twins and the Brewers, but a wise man once said it is about the journey not the destination. And this journey consists of playing catch in the backyard while Bob Uecker is firing off one liners and the smell of brats on the grill are in the background.  It is tailgating in the parking lot before AND AFTER the game, it is high fiving complete strangers just because they are wearing the same shirt that you are.  it is fireworks on a Wednesday night just because they beat the rival.  It is that feeling you get in the back of your neck when the music starts playing and you catch a glimpse of the closer coming out of the bullpen.  It is the joy and agony of looking at the standings and seeing where your team ranks in the playoff standings.  This is only to name a few things, everyone has memories of seasons past that are special memories to just them.  If you ask me, World Series or not the journey is MUCH more important than the destination.