The State of Basketball????

There has been a little "underground" talk lately about bringing an NHL team to Milwaukee and to me as a hockey fan it would make perfect sense.  I can't really see a good reason that an NHL team wouldn't be a great idea for Wisconsin.  If you look where Milwaukee is located there would be several geographical rivalries already set in place. Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis to name a few of them.  I understand that the NHL is the least popular of the 4 major pro sports but attendance to an NHL game is very comparable to the attendance of an NBA game.

If you look at the recent history of the Milwaukee Bucks it is a rotating door when it comes to players.  As soon as the Bucks draft a good player they can't wait to get out of there and the Bucks get little to nothing in return, when a player says he will play "anywhere" he means anywhere but Milwaukee.  Just recently Herb Kohl has been talking about looking for local investors to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.  I don't know if something will change and it will be reasonable for the Bucks to stay in Milwaukee or not, I know when they are winning people love them.  The problem is it is hard to win when nobody wants to play for you.  OJ Mayo is their current "superstar" and while he is pretty good and his supporting staff isn't horrible they are far from being a contender, and when it comes to attendance there are only 3 teams in the NBA that average a lower number.

The NHL obviously has never happened in Milwaukee but if you go by the teams that would neighbor them you would see nothing but success.  The Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings are contenders every season, the St. Louis Blues are usually a competitive franchise, and the only team that got more free agent superstars than the Minnesota Wild a couple years ago was the Miami Heat.  The difference between the NBA and the NHL is that while the Timberwolves and the Bucks can't keep a superstar around, teams like the Wild, Red Wings, and Blackhawks have players wanting to play for them.  But then again who wouldn't want to play in "hockeytown", or "The State of Hockey" if you are a hockey player.

 There is no way to tell if an NHL franchise in Milwaukee would be more successful than the Bucks, but why not hockey and basketball?  There are many other cities that have both, if Herb Kohl is looking for investors, maybe instead of NBA investors he should be looking at NHL investors?