Smelling Roses or Smelling Salts?

So the Badgers did it, they are going to the Rose Bowl.  They are maybe the first ever unranked 5 loss team to ever get a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.  I talked last week how if the Badgers won the game it would show how messed up this whole bowl system is in the first place.  I did think that the badgers would win, but I don't think anyone could have thought they would win as easily as they did.  That win sent the Badgers to the Rose Bowl.

To me it shows how bad the Big Ten is and how far it has fallen in football.  Every year we get the argument that yeah the SEC teams are faster than Big Ten teams but that the Big Ten teams are stronger and more powerful and that they just play a "different style" of football than SEC teams.  If you look at the rankings and the Big Ten standings it shows just how weak the conference has become.  The badgers this whole season played only 1 ranked team and it took them playing that team twice to beat them.  That is the team that represents this conference.  Badger fans are floating on cloud nine right now and are drunk with pride from the badgers win, but let's not forget this Nebraska team also beat the badgers once too.

It took the Big Ten champion all the way to the final game to get a single quality win.  The teams the badgers beat this season before that win: Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, UTEP, Utah State, and Northern Iowa.  For some reason I am not seeing a quality win there, all they had to do was beat the number 12 ranked Nebraska team to win the whole conference.  I think about all of these times that people were so down on Boise State for "not playing in a real conference" and still making a big bowl game.  Maybe it is time to just realize that the Fiesta Bowl is no more important that the Motor City Bowl, or that the Sugar Bowl is no more important than the Bowl, or even that the Rose Bowl is no more important than the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl.  Other than the national championship game none of the bowls matter.

I will say that yes the badgers are the worst team to ever play in the Rose Bowl, and that these bowl games no longer have any integrity and the badgers are a reason why.  I don't blame the badgers though, they did nothing wrong, and that is why they are there in the first place.  If Ohio State would have kept their noses clean it would have been Ohio State and Nebraska playing for the Rose Bowl last weekend and there wouldn't have been a problem with that at all.  The buckeyes were suspended though and that messed the whole system up.  All that the badgers did was play the best they could all season long and as they say the chips all fell in place and now they end up in the Rose Bowl.  The badgers shouldn't have just gave up on Saturday, or declined to go to the championship game "because they didn't deserve it", all that they did was what they were supposed to do.  They showed up and played the game.

Thankfully, college football is at least realizing the problems with this system and they are putting together a small playoff for next season.  Hopefully a small playoff turns into a BIG playoff in the future.  The system is broken but it can be fixed.

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