Badgers Rose Bowl?!?!?

It's that time of year again, the turkey has been eaten, and the fat guy in the red suit is warming up the sleigh.  Of course that means for college football, they are going to end the season with a bunch of meaningless exhibition games one more time.  The thought has been for the most part that the new playoff system in college football that starts next season is going to "fix" college football's post-season problems.  The problem is that the playoff system only does a little bit to fix the problems they have. 

First of all, with all of these teams jumping from conference to conference, I don't even understand why they have conferences anymore. For years and years people have been complaining about Notre Dame not joining the Big Ten, well what does it mean to be a part of the Big Ten (or any conference) anymore?  I just doesn't matter, who cares if you win the conference so you can finish the season playing a "bigger less important bowl game"?

Second of all, these conference championship games are a very good idea.  I love that they are having a conference championship game in the Big Ten finally.  The problem is that to have that championship game shouldn't mean that they have to split the conference into 2 divisions (and name them stupid names like leaders and legends, but that is for another time).  This year we get to watch the badgers play Nebraska and the feeling I get is that as long as it's the badgers in the game everyone is good with the system.  People argue that it is "all about the money" and that it is just the way it is so we have to accept it.  I think they need to get rid of splitting the conference up and just go back to when all of the teams played each other.  We need to see a Wisconsin Iowa game every season those rivalries are important.  I don't think just because a team plays in a weak half of a conference (yeah that sounds crazy) they should just get to go to the championship game.  How much sense does it make that a team with the 7th best record will have a chance to represent the conference in a bowl game?  I get that it is the badgers but still, that should make it alright?  They decide who the champion of college football is by where a team finishes, the top 2 (next year 4) teams get to play to decide who the best team in college football is.  Why can't they do the same for the conference championship?  The top 2 eligible teams should play to represent the conference, just because Wisconsin is better than Illinois, Indiana and Purdue shouldn't mean they get this chance.  This year the conference championship game should be Nebraska against Northwestern.

The badgers finished the season with 1 more win than the Minnesota, and they have a chance to play in a bigger bowl game than number 5 Oregon, cases like that are why these bowl games have no credibility and are meaningless.  I am not saying that Wisconsin should apologize or "give up" for the chance to be big ten champions, but I am saying the system is still a disaster and it still will be after the playoff system is instilled next season.  If Nebraska wins this game tomorrow (I think the Badgers win) nothing will ever come of this issue and it won't get fixed, and that gives me even more reason why I am pulling for the badgers this weekend. 

Trying to figure out bowl season makes hanging with the in-laws seem like not such a bad thing.  Can someone please pass the mashed potatoes.