Die Hards Brave The Cold For Racing

Wisconsin showed it's true colors over the weekend as we had hail, sleet, snow and rain all withing a 4 hour period Saturday. Friday night was just windy and cold. Keep race fans away? Heck No! Just bring some extra blankets, your winter coat and huddle around the hot chocolate. (Yes, add something to the hot chocolate after the races are done)


Wisconsin, unlike neighboring Minnesota, has had the opportunity to get several races in so far in 2013 and the fans are slowly but surely coming in the gates. Concerns of low fan bases? It will pass as some like the cold and some don't. I don't make many guarantee's in life, but I can guarantee that it will get warmer and yes they will flock to their local short tracks. Get ready to make some new friends this summer!

Here are the results from La Crosse and Fountain City.


Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models
Mobil 1 25 Feature (14 Cars) — 1, Steve Carlson
Qualifying —  1, Mike Carlson, 19.866 seconds
Heat 1 — 1, Cole Howland
Fast Dash — 1, Ty Majeski
Exhaust Plus Sportsmen
Mobil 1 15 Feature (15 Cars) — 1, Jerrod Loging
Qualifying —  1, Steve Bachman, 22.125 seconds, 88.746 MPH
Heat 1 — 1, Jason Dummer
Dash — 1, Greg Scheck
United Auto Supply Thunderstox
Mobil 1 15 Feature (14 cars) — 1, Adam Moore
Dash — 1, Andy Moore
Heat 1 — 1, Jason Bolster
Heat 2 — 1, Dakota Miller
ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets
Mobil 1 15 Feature (17 cars) — 1, Mark Bornitz
Mobil 1 15 Feature (21 cars) — 1, Samantha Linnehan
Heat 1 — 1, Patrick Thicke
Heat 2 — 1, Mark Bornitz
Heat 3 — 1, Jeff Thompson

Mississippi Thunder Speedway

600 Modifieds 

FEATURE:1. Brett LaDuke 

HEAT 1:1. Curt Luhmann

HEAT 2:1. David Benke 


USRA A Modifieds 

FEATURE:1. Lucas Schott

HEAT 1:1. Lance Hofer 

HEAT 2:1. Brad Waits 


Pure Stock 

FEATURE:1. Eric Duellman 

HEAT 1:1. Josh Malchaski 

HEAT 2:1. Paul Sweazey 


Street Stock 

FEATURE:1. Doug Wojcik 

HEAT:1. Doug Wojcik 


Super Stock 

FEATURE:1. Jeff Brauer 

HEAT 1:1. Jeff Brauer 

HEAT 2:1. Dan Gullikson


USRA B-Mods 

FEATURE:1. Troy Hovey 

HEAT 1:1. Troy Hovey 

HEAT 2:1. Darran Jonsgaard 

HEAT 3:1. Jake Timm

HEAT 4:1. Shaun Walski